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Coach, Speaker and Trainer

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Interview Technique Coach 

So it happens, after applying for job after job you finally get the call for a job interview. At first you are ecstatic and feel a ray of hope and you imagine yourself walking down the halls of your new job. It is the moment you have been waiting for. Suddenly though, reality sets in and you begin to think about your upcoming interview and how
unprepared you are. Savedra is a highly experienced, interview technique coach that is passionate about teaching people the skills they need to have a successful interview.

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Nail the Interview, Land the Job Seminar

Savedra's aim is to ensure her audience experience an impressive level of professionalism during any speaking engagements.  All seminars will include the following and more


  Interview etiquette

             The C.H.A.M.P. formula            

 Techniques for answering behavioral    questions

Hard Skills vs. Soft Skills 


One-on-one Sessions
(Confidence building, personal pitches, public speaking training)

One-on-one personal training is provided to provide a more personal and tailored experience that is reflective of the individuals unique needs. One-on-one sessions are offered for the below areas:

Mock Interviews

Confidence acceleration

Professional development

Public speaking training 

Personal & professional pitch development

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Interview Technique Coach 
Business trainer and Keynote Speaker

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